Born in 1981. Resides in central Florida.





Group Shows
Gauntlet Gallery, "Daft Punk Deux" - 2014
Gallery Nucleus, "X-MANS" - 2014
All Good Things Gallery, "Steampunk Valentine" - 2014
Gauntlet Gallery, "ReDiscovery: An Art Show Inspired by Daft Punk" - 2013
Gauntlet Gallery, "Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads: 80's Movies" - 2012
Bottleneck Gallery, "Can't Beat Em, Join Em: The Zombie Show"- 2012
Bottleneck Gallery, "More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired by Premium Cable"- 2012
IAM8BIT Gallery, "Combo Attack: 25 Years of Street Fighter"- 2012 
IAM8BIT Gallery, "So You Created a Wormhole..."- 2012
Gallery Nucleus, "The JP Show (Just People)"- 2011
The Lineage Performing Arts Center, "Munk Marvelous' Visual Arts Showcase"- 2011
Santa Fe, NM, "La Fiesta Inadaptados"- 2004


Spectrum 21, 2014
Spectrum 19, 2012


Game Illustration
Orion's Bell - The Card Game of Oz


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